• May 22, 2024

How Does Valet Integrate with Technology?

To those who aren’t familiar with it, the valet parking industry could appear to be a traditional one that is resistant to the vast changes caused by technology sweeping every part of our lives. However, even though the human element is the most crucial part of any business, valet parking is steadily shifting its approach to how it conducts its daily operations. The best valet integration method makes the customer experience seamless and makes a valet’s job easier.

Numerous businesses have recently entered the market for supplying software designed to assist valet parking firms in managing their business operations more effectively. Typically, these proprietary systems are compatible with both Android and iOS devices, and they provide a variety of capabilities, many of which significantly improve the overall experience for the client.

Texting for Cars

The technology is known as “Text for Car” could be valet integration’s most significant game-changer. Customers who use valet parking can now opt to get a text message as they go through the arrival process. After they have finished their meal, their visit to the hospital, or their stay at the hotel, all they have to do to request their car before leaving the premises is send a text message asking for it.

The valet podium receives the signal, which can then offer individualized messages to the customer, such as status updates and notifications when their car is ready. Additionally, this enables the sending of guest questionnaires as a follow-up, which provides businesses with valuable data and insights into their guests’ experiences. There is a tremendous amount of value for hotels in providing a self-service convenience for their guests because this eliminates the hundreds of phone calls that would typically be routed to the front desk. As a result, front desk staff can concentrate on the guests who are physically in front of them rather than spending time taking phone calls. In addition, hospitals perceive a significant amount of value in minimizing or doing away with wait periods for patients, as these durations can be difficult for people who are unwell or have mobility challenges.

Paying Via Phones

One of the most remarkable things about this valet integration’s job is that customers no longer have to worry about bringing around cash for parking fees because many of the latest valet parking software systems feature integrated payment processing. This frees them from having to worry about carrying around cash.

Customers do not need to download an APP to use the most advanced systems, such as SMS Valet; instead, all they need to do is click “pay” within the text message flow when they are in the process of requesting their automobile. After the customer enters their credit card information, the payment processor stores this information to complete the transaction and then provides a multi-use token back to SMS Valet. This token does not save any of the sensitive information that was initially associated with the credit card.

No More Parking Tickets

Suppose you have never used a valet before; you might not understand the importance of their service or valet integration. Several organizations now provide an utterly ticketless valet experience, expanding on the messaging option that they previously offered.

Guests are required to give their mobile phone number as part of the check-in procedure, after which they will receive their “valet claim check number” in the form of a digital text message. To keep track of keys and automobiles, the valet staff uses reusable key tags and hanger tags that are both encoded with a chip.

Ticketless valet service gets rid of the age-old inconvenience of looking through wallets and purses for the valet ticket. It also helps the valet operator enhance income by reducing internal theft and ticket skimming and being ecologically friendly.

Digital VIP Cards and Express Stickers

For your regulars and repeat customers, digitally enabled VIP cards and window decals (also known as Express Stickers) create an opportunity for hotels, hospitals, and businesses to benefit their regulars with a streamlined and more personalized arrival and departure experience. This can be done by providing a more customized arrival and departure experience.

Upon arrival, valet employees will scan the card or decal, which will cause the system to immediately populate with the visitor’s name and vehicle information. It is also possible for the system to incorporate the guest’s personal preferences, such as if the guest prefers that a car is kept up front.

Cards can be programmed to deliver a loyalty incentive, such as free or discounted parking rates, in situations where parking fees are required to be paid. Hotels take great pride in presenting their elite-level visitors with these VIP cards. Providing visitors with the amenity of complimentary valet parking, particularly in high-priced metropolitan areas, is a tremendous value add that keeps customers loyal to the business.

The usage of express stickers for employee stack parking schemes, which offer a ticketless experience and provide the employee with a text-to-car option, is another significant benefit for hospitals and corporate campuses.

Valet Cards

With this valet integration method, the cards are quite similar to hotel room keys, and they are sometimes included on the same card as points and incentives that are utilized at elite hotels. A chip on the card is linked to the valet system, which creates a connection between the driver and the automobile. 

The notice is transmitted to the valet stand as soon as the card, which is concealed within the driver’s pocketbook or wallet, is within range of the valet management system. The client’s vehicle is retrieved before the customer has to make a request for their vehicle, which results in wait times that are nearly nonexistent and seamless valet operations. 

There are some drawbacks to this approach. For example, if a client walks too close to the valet stand, the card will alert the valet to move the car around before the customer is genuinely prepared to depart.

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