• July 18, 2024

How to come up with a company name

The prosperity of a business depends on many different factors, including risk assessment, a private investment plan, and a colorful and informative logo designed. At the root of all this is the name of the company. It is the name that determines the memorability of the company by the client, the development of the primary attitude towards it. The title should be simple, no more than 10 characters in length. The name must be original and unique, there must be no association with other companies. If a company has a plan to enter the international market after a certain time, then you need to think about pronunciation in other languages, take into account the values. Some seemingly beautiful words in one language may carry an offensive tone in another. As a result, failure and, as a result, losses await in the countries of this language group. The process of coming up with a name is responsible, you need to spend time and effort.

Basic ways to come up with a company name

There are a huge number of techniques for coming up with a company name, consider the main ones:

– take the name of any geographical object, lake, mountain, hill, settlement, historical or cultural landmark, the association of people with something sublime should be attributed to the merits;

– the use of the name and surname of the business owner, catering establishments, banks, gun shops, beauty salons, manufacturers and clothing stores follow this path, the pluses include a connection with a personal brand, it should be taken into account that in case of a blow to the company’s reputation, many investors will lose confidence in a person, difficulties may arise when opening new companies;

– nicknames, funny names can make great names, unique words will help you stand out from the rest faster;

– a link with a natural object or phenomenon, for example, you can use the words rainbow, sun, diamond, star and many others, from the pluses, the instant emergence of an association with something eternal, beautiful;

– repetition of the same or homogeneous consonants, good examples are the brands KitKat, Kitekat and Tic-Tac, from the advantages of memorability due to simplicity and uniqueness;

– acronyms or abbreviations, the first letters of a long name are added to a single word, this method is resorted to if the name turns out to be interesting in pronunciation;

– the combination of two words or parts of words, excellent examples are brands such as MasterCard and Euronews, from the positive qualities of excellent information content, a person immediately understands the field of activity;

– titles, for example, count, emperor, president, governor;

– common nouns not related to the field of activity of the company, usually small shops with groceries, sporting goods resort to such a technique;

– any historical and mythological names, a good example is the Lincoln automobile concern and the Alibaba online store.

Process simplification

Coming up with a company name is quite difficult, you need to be a creative and comprehensively well-read person. If you do not want to fool around and waste time, then use the company name generator called Turbologo. It is necessary to indicate the requirements and in a few seconds the service will offer a large list of not yet registered names, you just have to choose the most suitable one. The choice is also quite a complicated process. Gather a team of people of different gender, age, level of education, and ask them the answer to the question – “What name do you like the most?”. 


The name of the company should not be taken lightly. The success of a business depends on a well-chosen name for a high percentage. A good title should be short and capacious, original. There are many ways to come up with a name. Among the most common techniques are the names and surname of the business owner, geographical and historical places. You can simplify the process of coming up with the Turbologo company name generator, the service has a wide base, an intuitive interface.

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