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A tutorial on-ice staff upgrade in black ops 3 Origin

The Ice Staff is a powerful weapon in Origins, able to freeze and shatter zombies easily. However, the base version of the staff has a significant weakness: frozen enemies can block your escape route, making it difficult to get away from a horde.

Fortunately, an upgraded version of the Ice Staff is even more powerful. The upgraded staff has a charged attack that causes a massive blizzard, which sucks in nearby zombies. This attack is beneficial for top rounds, as well as for camping spots where you need support.

You will need to find three blue discs, a gramophone, and base staff to get the base ice staff. You can find the blue discs in the three main zombie areas: the Courtyard, the Excavation Site, and the Power Room. You can find the gramophone at the excavation site and the base staff in the power room.

A minor puzzle is involved in upgrading the staff once you have all three items. Even though the problem isn’t particularly challenging, it can take a long time to complete. Thankfully, detailed screenshots and maps are available to make things as simple as possible.

How to get the Ice Staff

ice staff

Players must collect three parts to getting the Ice Staff in Origins: a colored disc, a black disc, and a gramophone. You can find the colored and black discs in the game world, but you must get the gramophone from the Ice Portal and use it after all three parts are gained.

Blue Disc location

In the building next to Generator 2, you’ll find the blue disc. There’s a good chance it’s in any of these spots, but it may also be anywhere else in this room. You’ll find it if you keep an eye out for it.

The ice staff parts location

There are no specific locations for the Ice Staff components, but they have particular requirements. You require a snowstorm before you dig up the rubble on the ground. This often entails digging your way through every part of the map until you’ve found all three treasures.

This can be very time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you’re not lucky enough to find the parts you need on the first try. However, persevere; they will reward you with the powerful Ice Staff!

Location of the black Disc

The Black Disc is an essential item in the game, combined with the Gramophone to open the lower level of the excavation site. There is a box in front of the excavation site (Generator 2) at the bottom of the walkway. near the entrance to the church or in an excavating wheelbarrow beside PaP

Gramophone location

The Gramophone is a critical item in the game and is always found inside the leading excavation site. Players must first place it on the table in the dig site to use it. Doing so will open a secret sub-level that contains several Staff statues. Before grabbing the Gramophone, it’s a good idea to open the lowest section of the excavation site so you don’t have to walk back.

If you’re having trouble finding the Gramophone, keep an eye out for the table in the center of the room. Once you’ve seen it, put the Gramophone on the table, revealing the secret sub-level. Don’t forget to pick up the Gramophone before you leave, or you’ll have to come back for it later!

Final step

You must first get the disc and gramophone from the church to retrieve the staff. Take the disc and gramophone to Generator 6, at the church’s back. Place the gramophone on the table in Generator 6 after entering the tunnel. Take a few steps back and see the blue portal form before entering the wacky environment. By rebuilding the blue portal, exit the insane place and get your crystal. Finally, return to the leading excavation site and go to the bottom. Build the staff using the statue.


Steps to an ice staff upgrade

How to solve the Ice Staff Code puzzle

It would be best if you first equipped the ice staff to solve the ice staff code puzzle. Then, use the blue portal to get to the “crazy area.” Note the blue markings on the slabs as soon as you get there. Note the blue sign on the wall. To solve the puzzle, you must fire the correct ceiling slab that matches the wall symbol with the ice staff. You’ll need to go through this method multiple times to finish the puzzle.

Ice staff puzzle code

ice staff

Shoot the Gravestones

It’s time to leave this crazy place and return to the outside world. Knock down three gravestones using the Ice Staff, then switch to a conventional weapon. You must be quick and precise to eliminate all the adversaries. As soon as you’re done, return to your safety.

Gravestone 1

ice staff

Looking at the excavation site from the mud pool, you can see the massive hole in the ground that has been dug out. The sides of the hole are lined with metal supports, and there are several large machines and pieces of equipment around the perimeter. The ground around the hole is churned up and muddy, and a few workers are milling about. It looks like a busy and dangerous place.

Gravestone 2

ice staff

The mud pool with the Soul Box next to the Generator 6 Jug area seems spooky and weird. The gravestone is outside the map boundary, facing away from Jug, which adds to the feeling that something isn’t quite right about this place. The Soul Box seems to be some sort of container for souls, and the generator appears to be powering it. Whatever is going on here, it is not something natural or good..

Gravestone 3

ice staff

If you find yourself outside the rear of the Generator 2 building, don’t fret! The gravestone is next to the robot’s arm, outside the map’s boundaries. It takes a little digging to find what you’re looking for.

Line up the Gems

ice staff

The lower level of the excavation site is where the staff statues are located. Above the statues, circular rings are floating in the air. Each ring is adorned with four different colored jewels on each side. The goal is to spin each ring to align all the blue gems. Pulling levers on wooden scaffolding platforms besides the walkway, etc., will accomplish this. They resemble power switches in appearance. To fire the blue orb at the bottom of the rings, align them with the Ice Staff code and then use the Ice Staff to shoot it. This will propel the orb into the sky and the rings.

Charging the staff (Collect Souls)

ice staff

 BLUE portal Keep your ice staff in the same place where you first found it, on the pedestal. Kill between 2 and 30 zombies in the area to charge the team. Pick up the staff when you have done; the upgraded version is yours to enjoy!!


So the upgraded ice staff is undoubtedly one of the best in the game and worth the effort. Let me know if you have any questions. You can also leave a comment below if there are any other ice staff upgrades you’d like us to cover.

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