• May 22, 2024
Wireless network engineer

Job description of the Wireless network engineer:

There is a huge demand for wireless network engineers. Your skills should include troubleshooting, effective communication and providing in-depth knowledge of computer programming and software.

Its responsibilities include developing and coordinating wireless communication infrastructure, online repairs or providing customers with technical support, network security management and crop maintenance solutions. Be aware that with the advent of 5G, DevOps, VR and Network Description Software (SDN), you need to develop and change your focus and focus in the same way without buying.

What a wireless network engineer does?

This is the skill that most wireless network engineers need to do their job. Looking at the beginning, we can diminish the skills that are characteristic of someone in this position. We found that many start-ups list research skills, communication skills, and problem-solving skills.


  • Design and build applications.
  • Design, plan, create and upgrade wireless networks.
  • Improve the infrastructure of your wireless network and recommend system updates for updates.
  • Lead and manage the team.
  • It provides a technical analysis of requirements and details from idea to presentation.
  • Development and management of other engineers.
  • Design and maintain the performance, quality and reliability of RF connections.
  • Use measuring and testing equipment to test and repair equipment.
  • Prepare a manual and documents.
  • Software development for wireless technology.
  • Update your existing network by changing your radio network settings, adding / deleting neighbors, and suggesting solutions to hardware problems.
  • Analyze and analyze statistics and driving test data to improve system metrics such as missed calls, locked calls, initial errors and transmission power.
  • Use the media, cell science, radio frequency engineering, and antenna theory to select the location of the antenna.
  • It manages capacity configuration, GSM timing and frequency tuning using transmission / interference analysis (C / I).
  • Include site updates, such as antenna expansion and radio setup.

Wireless network engineers’ skills:

If you want to be a wireless network engineer, rigorous research and troubleshooting is essential and you need to know all aspects of network technology. Ideal if you have experience with wireless software, standards, protocol, and WLAN design.

Applicants should also focus on communication and communication with professionals, clients and executives. Employees usually have a bachelor’s degree in IT, engineering, or related fields (or equivalent work experience) as well as five years or more of LAN / WAN engineering and design services, including years of specialization in non-technical technologies. such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX and WAP. Professional certifications such as Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) are useful.

The general design features of a wireless network are as follows:

• Analyze, design and implement wireless networks, including all technical specifications and resources for network hardware and software

• Facilitate optimization, augmentation and upgrading of wireless networks to meet business requirements

• Performs and records radio waves (RF) coverage and on-site inspections

• Infrastructure and network planning

How to become a wireless network engineer?

If you want to be a flight engineer, one of the first things you need to consider is what degree you want. We found that 61.3% of engineers working in wireless networks have a BA degree. In terms of higher education, we found that 13.2% of engineers working in wireless networks have a master’s degree.

When we looked at the most common courses for wireless network engineers, we found that they get a bachelor’s degree/related degree. The beginnings of air network engineers often reflect other degrees such as a master’s degree or a diploma.

Your experience in other industries can help you become a wireless network engineer. Of course, most wireless engineering jobs require network engineering experience.

Estimated Wireless network engineer Salary:

A wireless network engineer can earn between $ 87,000 and $ 110,000 per year, depending on whether you work for a freelancer or a contract engineer with a company. Employers pursue computer science, engineering, or similar fields. You are almost looking for years of experience in LAN / WAN engineering, as well as specialized experience in Wi-Fi, WAP and other wireless systems.

There are no wireless network engineers, this is more than it really is. Did you know, for example, that they earn an average of $ 42.8 per hour? That’s $ 89,017!

Between 2018 and 2028, employment is expected to increase by 5% and create 18,200 job opportunities in the EU.

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