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What is the importance of thesis statement in a narrative essay?

You may have come across thesis statements before in your studies, but now you need to write one for a narrative essay, and it’s probably making you nervous. But don’t worry, you are not alone, as many students struggle with this writing style. You can buy narrative essay online and get professional essay writing services to help you. This article guides you on how to write the perfect thesis statement for your narrative essay so you can become an expert at creative writing!

Writing a thesis sentence for a narrative essay is not as simple as clearly outlining your argument for an argumentative essay. It is a bit different from that but is based around the same idea. Students get fearful of how to write a correct thesis statement for a narrative essay, but it is not as difficult as it sounds!

What is a thesis statement? 

Before jumping into writing thesis statements for narrative essays, it’s important to understand what a thesis statement actually is. A thesis statement is simply a sentence that tells the reader the main idea behind your essay. It needs to be concise and easily accessible to the reader, and it is a good idea to add this statement around the beginning of your essay. You don’t want your reader to be searching for it throughout your paper like a needle in a haystack!

You need to consider the following when writing a thesis statement:

  • It includes only one idea.  
  • It includes the subject of your essay.  
  • It tells the reader what you want to say about the subject.
  • It is usually written as one sentence, but in some instances, you may choose to add two sentences together.
  • It is concise.
  • By reading the thesis statement alone, the reader can get a good idea of what the essay is about.

In a narrative essay, what exactly is a thesis statement?

A thesis statement in a narrative essay also follows the above points. It is important to remember the purpose of a narrative essay to see how a thesis statement should be written (Purdue University, n.d.). The purpose of a narrative essay is to tell a personal story in a form of a narrative, revolving around the main theme, so the thesis statement also needs to be about that theme. Since narrative essays are creative in nature, the thesis statement also needs to be interesting and eye-catching.

Simply put, a thesis statement tells your reader what your story is going to be about in one sentence. It creates expectations for what is to come in the story. It may also include the moral of the story.

Importance of thesis statement in a narrative essay 

A well-written thesis statement is essential for a good narrative essay. Without it, you may not be able to tell the reader what the main theme of the story actually is.

A thesis statement is important for the reader in the following ways:

  • A narrative essay has to follow a central theme, and a thesis statement tells the reader what that theme is.
  • A narrative essay also has a moral or a learned lesson, and a thesis statement can also revolve around telling that to the reader.
  • A well-crafted thesis statement tells the reader what they can expect from the story.

A thesis statement is important for the writer in the following ways:

  • A thesis statement tells you, as a writer, what you need to focus on in your essay.
  • It helps you create a story revolving around the main topic.
  • By looking at the thesis statement, you can judge how well your ideas connect to the main theme.
  • Your thesis statement can help you determine the purpose of your narrative . Why are you telling this story and how does it help in answering the assignment question?
  • It helps you brainstorm ideas to include in your story.

Importance of writing a good quality thesis statement in a narrative essay 

Now that you know what a thesis statement is in a narrative essay and why it is so important, you may be wondering how to actually write it. Writing a good-quality thesis statement is important, and some examples can show you how it helps your essay.

The following points can help you get started on writing your thesis statement:

  1. Include the introduction to the main event in your essay: a thesis statement should introduce the main event or action in your story by linking it to your central theme (Walden University, n.d.). For example, in a story revolving around the importance of family in your life, your thesis statement could be written as follows:

“Memories of my 15th birthday flood me with heartfelt emotions, and I realize how important my parents were in putting me on this track to success. That birthday is where it all started.”

Notice how in this example, the thesis statement tells the main theme while at the same time introducing the main event in the story and telling the reader what they can expect. So, the thesis statement serves an important function here.

  • You can also write the main lesson learned in your thesis statement: do this by linking it to the main theme of your essay and how it helped you learn an important lesson. Make it clear so that the reader can also get something productive out of the story. For example, in a story about learning about death, the thesis statement can be written as follows:

“I was too young to see this when I lost my first cat, but I realize now that her leaving me was a lesson to me in accepting the inevitability of death in this world.”

Notice how it links to the main theme as well as introduces the event and tells the reader the moral of the story in one sentence.

Now that you know the importance of thesis statements in narrative essays and why writing a good one can make all the difference, it is time to begin your writing! Remember, be creative, be unique, but most of all, enjoy this imaginative writing experience!


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