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Pros and cons of each iPhone model. From the very first to the newest

There is still six months before the release of the new iPhone, and last year’s flagships have already been studied up and down. We offer a small retrospective: let’s recall all the models, their strengths and failed or unsuccessful moments.

The iPhone has never been the perfect gadget. Each generation has had both pros and cons .

Let’s look again at all the models of our beloved gadget and list all the “emazings” or failures of each smartphone with an apple on the back cover.

1. iPhone. 2007 year

What surprised the iPhone: The gadget was innovative in itself. Steve Jobs was able to make the smartphone smarter, but not a phone that repels many users.

Before the release of the first Apple mobile gadget, smartphones or communicators were terrible bulky gadgets (compared to miniature push-button dialers of that time), which were often equipped with a QWERTY keyboard in a third of the body or a stylus for comfortable hitting on small interface elements.

iPhone has become the golden mean between a set of chips and ease of management. There were not a lot of problems for geeks, and even users who were far from technology could master it.

What disappointed the iPhone: the lack of many modern technologies at the time of its release. The first-generation Apple smartphone did not have support for 3G networks, did not shoot videos and did not provide full-fledged multitasking, although it was considered a smart phone.

To download data to the , it was necessary to use the outlandish program iTunes for many , Windows-PC users with Winamp on board were especially frightened at the sight of a bulky media combine . The iPhone itself could not transfer files to other smartphones via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, did not support memory cards and had a closed operating system without the ability to install applications (the App Store did not yet exist).

Even the deep-set jack for a 3.5 mm headset, which did not fit all third-party headphones, hinted at Apple’s future policy with a bunch of restrictions and conventions.

2. iPhone 3G. 2008 year

What surprised the iPhone 3G: the emergence of a full-fledged operating system iOS 2.0 with the App Store . Within six months, users received several thousand of all kinds of games and utilities that expand the capabilities of the gadget. At the same time, the jailbreak community was developing in parallel, which also helped to make the gadget better and more in.

In addition, in the second generation of the iPhone, support for 3G networks appeared , the smartphone learned to determine the location using GPS and AGPS .

iPhone 3G was officially sold in 70 countries, including Russia. This is the first apple smartphone presented on the domestic market. It was no longer necessary to go to Gorbushka and untie it from a foreign operator using a jailbreak for a strange device.

What disappointed iPhone 3G: strange design and body materials. Those who have used almost every generation of Apple smartphones most often blame the design of the iPhone 3G / 3GS for their appearance. The gadget felt like a slippery remnant instead of a hand-chilling metal predecessor.

The plastic case was short-lived, quickly covered with scratches and cracks, especially around the connectors. Added to these problems were low performance, which began to catch the eye just a year after the release of the smartphone.

3. iPhone 3GS. year 2009

What surprised the iPhone 3GS: power and speed. Compared to its predecessor, it was this change that was striking in the first place. It is not for nothing that the first letter “S” in the name of the iPhone meant “speed” (from the English “speed” ).

In those days, the increase in the performance of Apple smartphones was noticeable not only in the graphs from the presentations, but also in real use.

Less significant, but important innovations, the iPhone 3GS received a VGA video recording at 30 frames per second and a digital compass. And the smartphone received a modification with a 32 GB storage capacity, which was a very solid indicator for its time.

What disappointed the iPhone 3GS: The old design. This was the main disappointment of the summer of 2009 (previously Jobs presented new items at WWDC).

At first, fans of the company hoped that this is a temporary solution and the absence of external changes due to the great work of engineers under the hood. However, after a couple of years, everyone realized the depth of Apple’s marketing plan and resigned themselves to changing the look of smartphones every two years.

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