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AOC G2590PX/G2

A Comprehensive Review of the AOC G2590PX/G2 Gaming Monitor

Gaming Experience With AOC G2590X/G2

Unveiling the AOC G2590PX/G2

In the realm of gaming, the monitor you choose can significantly impact your overall experience. Enter the 24.5″ AOC G2590PX/G2, a gaming monitor designed to revolutionize how you engage with your favorite games. Let’s delve into its features and capabilities to help you determine if it’s the right fit for your gaming setup.


Design and Build Quality Of AOC G2590X/G2

Sleek Design for Gaming Sophistication

The AOC G2590PX/G2 boasts a modern and sleek aesthetic that seamlessly blends with any gaming rig. Its slim bezels offer a near-edgeless display, elevating your immersion in every gaming session. Moreover, its sturdy yet adjustable stand provides optimal stability and flexibility, ensuring you find the perfect viewing angle.


Display Performance: Bringing Games to Life

Sharp Visuals with Rapid Response

At the heart of the AOC G2590PX/G2 lies its impressive display performance. With a 24.5-inch Full HD TN panel, it delivers sharp and vibrant visuals that enhance your gaming experience. Its remarkable 1ms response time and 144Hz refresh rate ensure smooth gameplay without ghosting or motion blur, even in the most action-packed scenes.


Adaptive Sync Technology: Smoother Gameplay, No Compromises

AOC G2590X/G2

Bid Farewell to Tearing and Stuttering

One of the nuisances gamers often face is screen tearing and stuttering. The AOC G2590PX/G2 addresses these issues with its Adaptive Sync technology. Whether you’re using an AMD Radeon or NVIDIA GeForce graphics card, this monitor synchronizes with your GPU, delivering tear-free and seamless gameplay.


Game Mode Presets: Tailored to Your Gaming Preferences

Optimized Visuals for Every Genre

Recognizing that different games demand different visual settings, AOC has integrated multiple game mode presets into the G2590PX/G2. Whether you’re immersed in a first-person shooter or exploring a vast RPG world, these presets ensure optimized visuals tailored to your gaming genre of choice.


Connectivity Options: Versatility at Your Fingertips

Seamless Integration with Your Gaming Setup

The AOC G2590PX/G2 offers a myriad of connectivity options to accommodate various gaming configurations. From DisplayPort to HDMI and VGA inputs, along with a convenient USB hub, this monitor ensures compatibility with your gaming peripherals. Plus, with built-in speakers, you can enjoy immersive audio without additional clutter.


Eye Care Technology: Gaming Without Strain

Protecting Your Vision During Extended Sessions

Extended gaming sessions can strain your eyes, but not with the AOC G2590PX/G2. Equipped with flicker-free technology and a low blue light mode, this monitor reduces eye strain, allowing you to game comfortably for hours on end.


Energy Efficiency: Gaming Responsibly

Reducing Your Environmental Footprint

In line with modern sustainability efforts, the AOC G2590PX/G2 is Energy Star certified. Designed to consume less power without compromising performance, this monitor helps you minimize your environmental impact while saving on electricity bills.


Conclusion: Elevate Your Gaming Setup with the AOC G2590PX/G2

In summary, the 24.5″ AOC G2590PX/G2 gaming monitor stands as a testament to AOC’s commitment to excellence in the gaming industry. Its superior display performance, adaptive sync technology, and thoughtful features make it a compelling choice for gamers seeking to enhance their setups. With its sleek design, versatility, and energy efficiency, the G2590PX/G2 emerges as a frontrunner in the realm of gaming monitors.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Is the AOC G2590PX/G2 suitable for competitive gaming?


Absolutely! With its rapid response time and high refresh rate, the G2590PX/G2 is ideal for competitive gaming, offering a competitive edge to players.


Can I adjust the height of the AOC G2590PX/G2 monitor?


Yes, the monitor comes with an adjustable stand that allows you to customize the height according to your preference.


Does the AOC G2590PX/G2 support AMD FreeSync?


Yes, the monitor supports AMD FreeSync technology, ensuring smooth and tear-free gameplay, regardless of your graphics card.


Are the built-in speakers of the AOC G2590PX/G2 sufficient for gaming?


While the built-in speakers provide decent audio quality, serious gamers may prefer dedicated external speakers or headphones for a more immersive experience.


Is the AOC G2590PX/G2 compatible with VESA mounts?


Yes, the monitor is compatible with VESA mounts, offering additional flexibility for mounting options.


General Information

Product Line AOC Gaming

Series 90 Series

Channel B2C

  • Classification Superhero
  • Section Gaming
  • Gaming Style Shooters, Action, FPS (eSports)
  • Launch Date 27-11-2017
  • Screen Detail
  • Monitor Size 24.5 inches
  • Resolution 1920×1080 pixels
  • Refresh Rate 144Hz
  • Response Time 1 ms
  • Panel Type TN
  • G-Sync Compatibility Yes
  • Backlight WLED
  • Color SRGB Coverage 96%
  • Flicker-Free Yes
  • Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Brightness 400 cd/m²
  • Contrast (Dynamic) 50M:1
  • Contrast (Static) 1000:1
  • Pixel Pitch 0.2832 mm
  • Active Screen Area 543.74×302.62 mm
  • Viewing Angle (CR10) 170/160 degrees
  • Scanning Frequency H=30160KHz (DP/HDMI)/ 3083KHz (other), V=30146Hz (DP/HDMI)/ 5076Hz (other)
  • Adobe RGB Coverage (%) 84
  • OSD Languages EN, FR , ES, PT, DE, IT, NL, SE, FI, PL ,CZ, RU, KR, CN (T), CN (S), JP
  • Hard Glass 3H

    Exterior Features
  • Bezel Type Borderless
  • Stand Removable

  • Signal Input VGA, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1, HDMI 1.4 x 2
  • Display Port Version 1.2
  • USB Yes
  • USB Input USB 3.0 x 4
  • Speakers 2 W x 2
  • Speaker Power 2 Watt

    Key Features
  • Frameless Design Yes
  • Height Adjustment Yes
  • Built-in Speakers Yes

    In the Box
  • HDMI Cable 1.8 meters
  • VGA Cable 1.8 meters
  • Displayport Cable 1.8 meters
  • Audio Cable 1.8 meters
  • Power shuko c7 Cable 1.8 meters


RoHS Compliance Yes


Pivot Yes

Swivel -45/45 degrees

Tilt -3.5/19.5 degrees

Ergonomic Height Adjustment 130 mm

Base Removal Yes

VESA Compatibility 100×100 mm


Power Details
Power Supply External
Power Source 100 – 240V 50/60Hz
Energy Efficiency Class A
Power Consumption On 28 watts
Power Consumption Off 0.5 watts
Power Consumption Standby 0.5 watts



Dimensions and Weight
Product Dimensions (including base) 558.6×199.5×513.2 mm
Carton Dimensions 626x203x417 mm
Net Weight (excluding package) 5.43 Kg
Gross Weight (including package) 7.75 Kg



Regulatory Compliance
Listed on Energy Star Website Yes
TCO Certification 7
TUV GS Certified Yes
Gost Certification Yes
ISPO Certified Production Yes
Reach Compliance Yes

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