• July 18, 2024

Rockford auto accident: Seek legal advice immediately&nbsp

Illinois is a tort state. If you were injured in an auto accident in Rockford, you should take steps to protect your right to seek compensation from the at-fault driver. Filing a third-party claim may sound easy on paper, but there are several aspects to consider. In this post, check what it takes to choose between Rockford auto accident attorneys and the steps you must follow after the accident. 

Immediately after an auto accident

  1. Pull over and check the scene. Inform the local law enforcement without delay. 
  2. If you are injured, call 911 for emergency medical care. 
  3. Take photos of the scene, including your injuries. 
  4. Swap contact, insurance, and license information with other involved drivers. 
  5. Note down the contact details of witnesses. 
  6. Inform your insurance company at the earliest
  7. Call an auto accident lawyer

Reasons to Hire an attorney

Auto accidents are inherently complex. While you can file a third-party claim on your own, it can be hard to negotiate with the insurance adjuster. Call an auto accident lawyer if 

  1. You are not sure what your claim is worth
  2. Your injuries are severe and likely to impact your life, career ahead
  3. You were also partly responsible for the accident
  4. There were more than two vehicles involved
  5. You need help with your claim and legal paperwork 

How to find a good auto accident lawyer in Rockford?

We would recommend these tips listed below – 

  1. Check websites like Nolo and Avvo or ask around for references. 
  2. Meet the shortlisted attorneys in person and ask for a free case assessment. 
  3. Ask if the lawyer has adequate experience handling auto accident claims and cases. 
  4. Check if the attorney has trial experience. 
  5. Ask the lawyer if they have time for your case. 
  6. Get an overview of their fee and other expenses. 

How much does it cost to lawyer up?

Personal injury law firms in Rockford take auto accident cases on a contingency fee. The lawyer gets a share of the settlement only after you win. The fee may vary, but for most cases, the upper limit is 40%. Experienced attorneys usually charge one-third of the settlement. Note that if your lawyer pays other expenses related to investigation and courts, you would have to repay the same, no matter whether you win or not. 

Once you hire an attorney, they are in charge of dealing with the insurance company and will ensure that you get a justifiable amount for your auto accident claim. 

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