• May 21, 2024

Why So Many Homeowners Are Switching To Tankless Water Heaters.

When you hear “tankless water heater,” it seems like something from a science fiction movie. After all, where does all of that hot water go if there’s no tank? Does it just disappear into thin air? Unfortunately, that is basically what happens with a traditional water heater. 

You see, the storage tank in your home is so small that it only holds enough hot water to take one shower at a time. That means if multiple people are getting ready for work or school at the same time, they’ll have to wait for the tank to reheat before another person can take a shower. This process will happen again once you run out of hot water and need to start the entire process over again. 

This article will explain why you need to get in touch with plumbers in Fresno to help you upgrade from traditional storage tank systems.

Endless Supply of Hot Water

One of the biggest reasons to switch from a traditional water heater to a tankless heater is that it will allow you to never run out of hot water. Traditional water heaters are so small that they can only keep enough hot water in the tank for a few showers before it needs to be reheated.

When you have a tankless water heater, you’ll have an endless hot water supply. You won’t have to wait until the water is reheated or rush to take a shower before someone else. 

You can take as long as you want while enjoying a constant stream of hot water. This means tankless water heaters are perfect for large families, families with young children, or anyone who needs to take a lot of showers during the day. 

And the best part is that you won’t have to think twice about how much water each shower uses. You can enjoy as long of a shower as you want without worrying about wasting water.

Installing a Tankless Heater Is Extremely Easy

Traditional water heaters are large systems that require you to run a lot of plumbing to ensure they work properly. If you’re not a plumber, it can be a real challenge to install a traditional water heater. 

Luckily, tankless water heaters don’t require a lot of plumbing. They are usually much smaller systems designed to be mounted on a wall in your home. You won’t need to run new pipes and install a giant tank outside. You just need to ensure the tankless water heater can be mounted near an electrical outlet and a water source like a faucet or drain.

Be sure to contact plumbers in Fresno to help you with the installation.  

No Need to Constantly Drain and Refill Your Hot Water Tank

Traditional water heaters must be periodically drained so that you can clean the sediment that has built up inside the tank. This is a messy and time-consuming process that can be quite difficult if you don’t have the proper equipment. 

You must also be very careful when draining a hot water heater’s tank. At best, you’ll just make a big mess. At worst, you could seriously injure yourself. 

Luckily, tankless water heaters don’t have large tanks that need to be drained regularly. They are always heating new water as you use it. This means you won’t have to worry about cleaning a large tank full of sediment or scalding yourself while pouring water out of the tank.

Call Plumbers in Fresno To Help You Upgrade

If you’re currently using a traditional water heater, it’s time to upgrade. Tankless water heaters are more efficient and perform better than traditional water heaters. They can produce just as much hot water as a larger tank-style water heater but use less energy. 

While installing a tankless water heater will cost more than replacing your current system, it’s a worthwhile investment. The money you’ll save on your energy bill will far outweigh the cost of installation. Besides, you’ll eventually make that cost back in energy savings.

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