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What are FL (Flawless) clarity diamonds?

Clarity grades are given by gemologists who examine the inclusions inside crystal clear diamonds. Most gems have flaws that hinder their value (flaws called inclusions). The higher the grade, the more clear diamonds are worth. The clarity scale ranges from Flawless (FL) to Included (I1), and to better understand each grade, we will discuss what are FL (flawless) clarity diamonds.

What is a Flawless Diamond?

The word FLAWLESS is the highest clarity grade given to a diamond. It has zero flaws inside the crystal, so it’s more expensive than I1 diamonds. A flawless diamond has no blemishes or inclusion under 10 magnification. This is the top of the scale, where every diamond is flawless. A flawless diamond has what we call a mirror-like surface (more on that below).

Characteristics of FL (Flawless) clarity diamonds

The most expensive diamonds on earth.
Higher color saturation and brilliance.
More transparent and brilliant.

FL (Flawless) diamonds are rare to find, but because they are so much more valuable, there is a greater demand for them. They are the most expensive type of diamond and the rarest, with only 1 % of all diamonds being flawless. Because there is such little supply, these gems sell for astronomical prices.

Flawless diamond pricing

The key component of a flawless diamond is to be 100% clean without any flaws that can be seen by the naked eye. Sadly, many diamonds have inclusions, which hinder the diamond’s price. A flawless diamond is more transparent and brilliant than a diamond with imperfections.

Flawless diamonds are the highest grade you can get on the Clarity scale and not every GIA clarity grade is included in this category, only the Flawless (FL) grade. The higher the clarity grade of a diamond, the more expensive it will be because all flaws must be eliminated to achieve this rating.

The color grades also affect price, because they are directly related to the diamond’s rarity. The prices of FL diamonds can vary greatly depending on their characteristics and rarity, so you should always consult a gemologist before buying one.

Why are Flawless diamonds rare?

FL diamonds are considered perfect diamonds as they have no inclusions or blemishes and this results in a more expensive diamond. One of the main reasons that these diamonds are rare is because it is extremely difficult to find a perfect diamond. Most diamonds have some imperfections, but not all of them – therefore, the chances of finding one that’s completely free from flaws is minuscule.

The second reason that FL diamonds are hard to find is because of their location inside the earth. Most diamonds are created naturally in volcanoes, and the process of creating a diamond takes millions of years. Most of these imperfections are impurities that form during crystallization, and their size is under 10 microns. But a flawless diamond must be perfect from top to bottom with no imperfections or surface marks.

One way in which these diamonds can be found is through the drilling process. This is how most diamonds are mined from their natural form, but it makes finding a flawless diamond extremely difficult.

For lab-grown diamonds, the chances of finding a flawless gem are very low because they are grown in a lab with chemicals, not natural. In labs too there are chances of finding flaws and inclusions. Sometimes there is human error or conditions are not as they should be, and the diamond will not be flawless. But the chances of a flawless lab-grown diamond are much higher than naturally mined diamonds. To find out if your diamond is FL or not you can hire a gemologist to examine it for you.

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