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What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?

Ninety-nine million years ago to 121 million years ago, the Nigersaurus was an early Cretaceous period dinosaur that existed in Africa. Over 500 teeth helped distinguish this species from others, as well as its utterly herbivorous diet. The Nigersaurus, a sauropod genus, was a plant-eating sauropod that walked on four legs. Other notable dinosaurs in the same family include Brachiosaurus and Diplodocus. The postcranial bones recovered in Niger, Algeria, and Tunisia also support the theory of their existence in what is now known as central northern Africa due to its rich ground fossil discoveries, often referred to collectively as West Africa’s Elrhaz Formation. The discovery of the remains of this dinosaur occurred on January 17th, 1976, by Philippe Taquet, but it wasn’t until 1999 that the species was officially dubbed the Nigersaurus taqueria – giving credit to French paleontologist Philippe Taquet, who found these amazing fossils he appropriately named after himself!

Distinguishing Characteristics

In a recent press release, pseudo-paleontologist Paul Sereno has dubbed the Nigersaurus “the Mesozoic Cow.” Having examined it himself, Sereno commented, “The craziest dinosaur I’ve ever seen.” The Nigersaurus was a sauropod that lived in what is now Africa during the Cretaceous period. At 50 feet long and 20 tons in weight, this herbivore was the largest of its time, with a small head but a very long neck and tail. The Nigersaurus had rows of sharp teeth well-suited for browsing on low-lying vegetation.

Nigersaurus Teeth

The Nigersaurus is a unique herbivore that is believed to have roamed the Sahara Desert in search of food. It is distinguished by its long, snout-like snout, which is more comprehensive than its skull and large muzzle. As far as we know, no other tetrapod has ever had jaws wider than their skulls. In addition, it is the only tetrapod with teeth that extend from the front of its mouth to the sides. This unusual sauropod had a tooth structure entirely out of the ordinary for the genus. In the Nigersaurus, dental batteries revealed a new trait that has never been observed in a sauropod family. Dental batteries were present in triceratops and other beaked herbivores but were not in sauropods, which were toothless. Herbivores employed dental batteries because of their excellent processing efficiency. When a tooth wears out in any of the vertically stacked columns, it is replaced by the one behind it, taking the old tooth’s place.

Similarly, the rows of teeth would be arranged in a row like peas in a pod. There are no practical limits to the number of teeth a dinosaur with a dental battery could have in its mouth all at once. The Nigersaurus is estimated to have had over 500 individual teeth, translating into nine sets of replacement teeth stored within the jaw. The unusual shape of the Nigersaurus’ teeth is due in part to their orientation. Unless you’re going to be munching on leaves, you don’t need teeth that extend laterally. As a result, evidence suggests that Nigersaurus ate on the ground. Because of this, the cow has been dubbed the “Mesozoic Cow.” The wide-nosed bird would be an ideal companion to feed amongst the low-lying plants. Because of its large teeth, the dinosaur would have been able to munch its way through the flora. Each new tooth was claimed to be replaced every 14 days by the dental batteries, which were essential for the Nigersaurus while feeding along the floor. 

Size of Nigersaurus

The Nigersaurus was a member of the sauropods, the world’s largest land animals. Other sauropods thought the Nigersaurus was a much smaller species than it was. Nigersaurus is estimated to have been roughly 30 feet long, whereas Diplodocus measured an average of 85 feet long. As a general rule, diplodocus-sized dinosaurs would have weighed somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 tonnes. Because of this, the Nigersaurus can be thought of as a mini-giant. The Nigersaurus has a 

 shorter neck and a shorter body than the other members of its genus.

Top Five Nigersaurus Facts:

1. Nigersaurus is a ‘long neck’ dinosaur because of its short neck.

The lengthy necks of sauropods set them apart from other dinosaurs; the necks of some sauropods were up to six times longer than the world record giraffe’s neck. The nurseries and their closest relatives, who form a sub-group called ‘Rebbachisauridae,’ have necks up to ten meters long. This is not a big surprise for a species noted for its long necks.

2. It is also known as the ‘Niger Lizard’

Cretaceous-era sauropod dinosaurs called Nigersaurus existed in what is now Niger. The genus was first described in 1912 by French paleontologist Albert-Félix de Lapparent and is known from a single species, Nigersaurus taqueti. As a result of the discovery of its remains in what is now Niger, the name “Niger reptile” or “Niger lizard” was coined for the Nigersaurus. With its long neck and lengthy tail, the Nigersaurus was a herbivorous dinosaur with hundreds of sharp teeth in its mouth. The Nigersaurus is thought to have been a very efficient feeder, able to strip leaves from trees and shrubs with its small head and sharp teeth.

3. The discovery of baby Nigersaurus

Paleontologist Paul Sereno made an extraordinary discovery while on an excursion in Niger – fossils from a newborn Nigersaurus! Baby Nigersaurus’ upper jaw was characterized as “fitting on top of a silver dollar,” according to researchers. An astounding discovery has been made here that throws new insight into this exciting creature.

4. Only plants are allowed.

The sauropod family includes the Nigersaurus, which is an extinct dinosaur. Sauropods were notable for their great size, long neck and tail, four-legged stance, and plant-based diet (plant-eaters.) An African sauropod known as the Nigersaurus once roamed the Cretaceous plains of the continent during the It was one of the giant sauropods, reaching lengths of up to 30 meters (100 feet.) The neck and tail of the Nigersaurus were particularly lengthy and had a four-legged stance. It was a plant-eater, and its diet consisted mainly of plants.

5. The debate over posture

Scientists have long debated whether the Nigersaurus would slouch or hold its head erect regularly. Some scientists initially hypothesized that these complex creatures’ skulls would be constantly lowered at a 67-degree angle, making food searching easier. However, experts have questioned this idea, claiming that the Nigersaurus’ vertebrae allowed for a broader range of motion. This would imply that the Nigersaurus behaved more like other sauropods, with their necks up.

There is still no definitive answer as to how the Nigersaurus held its head, but the debate continues among scientists. Some believe that the Nigersaurus was able to hold its head erect for long periods, while others believe that it mainly kept its head lowered to the ground. However, there is still much to learn about these creatures, and only further research will be able to provide a definitive answer.

What dinosaur has the most teeth?

Nigersaurus is a dinosaur that fascinates people for its strange appearance and high tooth count. Although it doesn’t have the most teeth of any dinosaur, its teeth are still considered to be very sophisticated. Some people have speculated that its teeth were used for grinding up food, while others believe they used them for self-defense. Either way, Nigersaurus was a unique creature.


We hope you found the article ‘What Dinosaur Has 500 Teeth?’ interesting. The Nigersaurus was a herbivorous sauropod that lived in what is now Africa during the middle Cretaceous period. It is one of the most well-known sauropods because of its unique skull, which has an extensive mouth lined with hundreds of small, sharp teeth. The Nigersaurus was a huge dinosaur, measuring up to 30 meters in length, and weighing up to 30 tonnes. It is thought to have been a slow-moving, grazing animal that spent most of its time eating low-lying plants.

Which of the following facts about the Nigersaurus is your favorite? Please let us know! We think the fact that it had such a wide mouth lined with hundreds of tiny teeth is pretty amazing.

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