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Car Accident

What to do After a Car Accident to Best Protect Your Legal Position.

Getting involved in a car accident is confusing, and you might wonder what to do next. However, accidents are always not in our hands, and it’s right to panic after them. Therefore, you must know the right steps after a car accident. Running away is not always a solution, especially if it is unintentional. Once you have dealt with the immediately required steps, you can if relevant seek assistance from a lawyer who can advise you on your car accident injury claim and motor vehicle accident compensation payouts WA.  If you come out of a car accident, the following things should be done immediately.  

Stop the Car

If your car hasn’t come to a stop, the best thing is to try and stop it. Avoid moving away or running off after the accident. This should apply to either minor or serious accidents. Moving away from the car is a violation of traffic laws. Swift off the car engine and turn on hazards, alerting your presence on the road. Confirm whether anyone is hurt, including you.

Call the Police

With minor or serious injuries, the right move is to call the police, informing them you have been involved in an accident. If property damage, people, or deaths are involved,  you need to call the police and an ambulance. Although this might slip your mind, it is important to note the name and badge number of the police at the scene. Ensure the police file an accident report document at the scene, which will help you file with the insurer.

Collect the Relevant Information

The information about the third party is important. Ensure you collect names, mobile numbers, driver’s licenses, addresses, and plate numbers. It is also important to take note of the car information, including color, model, and make. If witnesses were involved, ensure they participate and obtain their contacts for the future. In the record, also capture the damages or the injuries at the time of collusion.

Take Pictures

If you have a camera, take photos of the scene, preferably using your cell phone. Take photos of the damages with clear visibility. Besides, if there are injuries, also take photos. However, avoid interfering with an ongoing police investigation. If you didn’t get a chance to take pictures during the accident or an ongoing investigation, take after if possible.

Exchange the Relevant Information

As the police collect the information, also take yours. If the police don’t appear at the scene, take note of various details, including persons involved in the accident and the passengers. Take the information about the insurance cards for vehicles involved in the accident. If the accident is on a state highway, obtain a state police form.

Report the Accident to Your Insurer and Consider Calling a Lawyer

Notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Most insurance policies call for immediate reporting and corporation to establish the cause of the accident. Confirm whether you have any medical cover as part of the insurance. If the insurer covers your medical expenses, also ensure you record any injuries for the bills to be covered by the insurance company. Medpay is an extra policy paid for to cover people in the car during the accident. Notably, the rates shouldn’t be raised due to the coverage claim submission.  Should you need assisatnce with your claim this would be a wise time to contact lawyers such as Perth personal injury lawyers

Seek Medical Attention

Being involved in an accident sometimes puts your mind off that you might not feel all the injuries at the moment unless they are major. It is important to file any injuries at the time of the accident. Do not ignore minor injuries since they might be minor outside but major internally. Consider being involved in a cognitive-behavioral test to note changes in your normal body and mental functioning.

Retain A File

Retain a file of the accident with all the information together. The form should include a claim number, the claim’s adjuster, and names and phone numbers. If the car was rented, retain the receipt also.

Call For A Towing Truck

The last thing you wish for is overstaying at the scene. Therefore, call a track to help you off the road soonest after the accident and data collection. If you don’t have a phone number for a tow track, seek one from the police since they won’t just emerge from anywhere.   

Be Protective

If you have access to an attorney, report to him about the accident. An attorney will protect you and ensure you are compensated for the damages by your insurer. Most insurance companies always take a statement after the accident. Therefore, it is important to seek legal advice before sharing such a statement or receiving compensation. Your attorney will help you receive enough compensation for the car damage and treatment for your injuries.

Mistakes People Tend to Make After Car Accidents

Avoiding responsibility for car accidents should be unavoidable, just like the accident itself. The best way to handle a car accident if you are likely to come out un-heart or with minor injuries is by taking responsibility, especially if you are in the wrong.

Here are some of the common mistakes people make after being in a car accident:

1.       Failing to call the police.

The police helps in developing an objective report of what transpired and attest against fall claims.

2.       Admitting Guilt.

Accidents bring confusion and stress. However, despite the dire situation or being in the wrong, avoid admitting guilt or being sorry since it might be used against you.

3.       Failing to exchange information.

Despite the impact, however minor it might be, exchange the insurance information. This is to cater to damages and injuries that might be felt later. Therefore, obtain the name, address, lice number, insurance information, phone number, number plate, and car make and model.

4.       Not Taking Pictures.

If you are in a position to take pictures, ensure you capture the accident at every angle. This will help you provide concrete evidence to back your claim if there are disagreements.

5.       Trusting Insurance Company.

Insurance companies are businesses that don’t want to be after making profits. Therefore, not all insurance companies will align your interests. Some will find an escape route by falsifying you to evade the compensation.


Car accidents are, at times, unavoidable. The best thing to know is your rights and what to do after accidents. Being fully prepared for car accidents is important since we can’t predict when and where they will happen. Have emergency contacts for medical care units and two trucks. It is normal to feel stressed; however, you must take action immediately. The key steps you can’t avoid and should come first are; evacuating the car to avoid further injuries, calling the police and your insurance company, and checking if you and passengers are okay. Do not run away from accident scenes especially if you are in the wrong.

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