• June 21, 2024
Green Cards

Your Quick Guide About Green Cards

A Green Cards is a permanent resident visa granted to the applicant. This card is valid for ten years and is renewable. It allows the applicant to reside in the USA and the legal right to work there. After achieving a green card, the card holders can further apply for citizenship after a few years of residence. A family immigration lawyer can assist you in the process of getting a green card.

The Benefits of Holding a Green Card

  • A green card grants permanent US resident status, letting the holder legally live in the US.
  • Purchase a house or other piece of real estate in the United States.
  • Travel to the US from your original country and vice versa without issuing a visitor or business visa every time you visit. 
  • Get employed and legally work in the US without holding any other type of visa.
  • They can register their own company and start their business in the US. 
  • They can study in the country.
  • They can sponsor their families on immigrant visa applications to the United States.
  • Apply to be registered as a US citizen after five years of residence there.

The process of getting a US green card

The US issue a certain number of green cards every year. Anyone desiring a green card can apply for one if they meet the eligibility criteria issued for the applicants. Eligibility depends on the type of visa.

types of green card

  • Employment-Based Green Card 

This type of green card is allotted when the employer is willing to sponsor their employees. 

  • A Family or Marriage-Based Green Card

You can be a green card beneficiary if you get sponsored by your spouse or another close family member like children, parents, or siblings. Your sponsor must be a US citizen or legal permanent resident of the country. They must demonstrate that they are more than capable of supporting you financially. It is required for the visa sponsor to prove that their income is 125% above the poverty line. Besides that, you are required to show that you will not become a public charge and will remain dependent on government assistance for survival, along with proof of the relationship you and your sponsor shared.

  •  Investment-Based Green Card

Through immigrant investor programs, green cards are given to investors from foreign countries, which grants them EB5 green cards and provides them with permanent residency in the US.

  • Lottery for Green Cards

 The diversity visa is given through a lottery program. About 55,000 immigrant visas are granted to foreigners from underrepresented nations annually by the US. This program helps provide visas for people belonging to countries that have low immigration to the United States.

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