• June 20, 2024
Whatsapp call recorder

Best WhatsApp call recorder in 2021

WhatsApp call recorder

Whatsapp is one of the most popular messaging apps for all users. It enables to make call, messages, share media files, and other activities. It creates the need for time to use modern devices and the internet to maintain the relation with society—we all take advantage of the social messaging apps for a personal concern.

 With many benefits, it has many disadvantages like cyber-attack, online predators, and many other dangers. That’s why; we should focus on all online activities for safety concerns. Whatsapp has no option for the record a call of anyone you want.

But if you’re going to record any call and listen to the conversation of the targeted person so, choose the best WhatsApp call recording app. in this write-up, we tell you the best Whatsapp call recorder app in 2021.

What does WhatsApp call recording app do for users?

A WhatsApp call recording app allows the users to track all incoming or outgoing calls of the targeted one. It enables you to spy on the social messenger app and also record the calls of anyone you want. With the help of tracking software, you can secretly track the call logs and know about the call conversation. Whatsapp call recording app helps you to secretly record and listen to the communication of the targeted one.

Best WhatsApp call recorder app

A lot of call recording applications exist in the market that claims for call recording. It also enables to spy on the online activities of the targeted devices. But as a user, you want the best solution for tracking the digital devices and monitor their online activities. In the below paragraph, we discuss the best software for monitoring WhatsApp of the targeted person.

TheOneSpy tracking software

TheOneSpy is known as the best tracking and spying software in the digital world. It allows the users to monitor every single online activity remotely. This app works on the truth claims and fulfills their spying system. This app enables you to protect yourself from online threats. TheOneSpy helps you to track their beneficiary features. This app is helpful for parents and employers to track online activities.

TheOneSpy offers the best WhatsApp call recorder app.

TheOneSpy allows spying on the WhatsApp account of the targeted person. With the help of this app, you can know about the incoming or outgoing calls of the targeted person. You can spy the audio-video calls of anyone you want. You can see the call history duration of all calls. It makes sure you about the call conversation of the targeted person. TheOneSpy secretly works for legitimate reasons.

How to record WhatsApp call record?

Here we describe the complete procedure of installing TheOneSpy app into the targeted one. The above paragraph tells you how to install the app into the targeted device that enables you to spy. Without installing the app, you couldn’t be able to track anyone’s phone.

Follow the installation steps and learn all about it!

Visit the page

In the first step, you should visit the official page of TheOneSpy app in this step; you have to select the WhatsApp call recording app and subscribe to the feature.

Subscribe the page

Now, you have to subscribe to the call recording feature to further monitor the targeted person. One thing to keep in your mind before subscribing Choose a price package according to your demands.

Received an email

After subscription, you will receive an email with the ID and password for the targeted device.

Get physical access

In this step, you need to get physical access to the targeted device. It is one of the essential steps; without installing the app on the targeted device, you can’t track it. So, you need to get physical access to the targeted phone to monitor and record the WhatsApp calls.

Get access to the web portal.

Now, you need to access the web portal of TheOneSpy. Here you can easily save any recorded file and later download the monitoring file.


This article defines the best WhatsApp call recorder app that makes sure you are about the conversation. TheOneSpy is one of the best choices that enables you to track the targeted WhatsApp for the safety of your loved one from the digital world.

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