• July 18, 2024
Child Actress

When Might You Need a Child Actress?

Child actresses are really skilled professionals who are able to convey emotion, memorize scripts, and keep audiences on the edge of their seats.  If you’re a casting director and you’re not sure about when you’ll need one of these professionals, these are the top instances that they’re hired for!


Advertising is a big deal, and there’s nowhere that child actresses get more work.  From nail polish to legos to dolls, child actresses can get roles in almost any kids’ commercials.  This isn’t just in national commercials; local ones can use kids to help a business seem more family-friendly in commercials or can use the boost of cuteness to sell anything from cars to flowers.  


Another obvious reason some people hire child actresses is for roles in movies!  From playing the main character to playing a rescued child in the background of a drama, there’s a lot of room for kids to play whatever type of roles people need.

There are strict laws around when children can work, how many hours in a day and a week, and what type of roles they can take on, so it’s vital to study this before trying to hire anyone. 


Almost every child actress out there wants to get her big TV break, so she has a long-term acting gig.  Whether you need to hire someone for a recurring role on a sitcom, or a one-off role in a kid’s show, child actresses get a lot of work opportunities.

This doesn’t translate to animated shows very often because many production companies find it easier and more predictable to hire adult women to play almost every child’s role.  Not only will this save the production from dealing with a child’s voice changing as they grow up, but adults don’t have to deal with the same laws or restrictions when it comes to working hours and projects they can do. 

E-Book Read Alongs

A large reason someone might hire child actresses is to read a children’s book so that a child can read along.  By reading the book with a child the same age, they can feel like they’re reading with a peer, or a friend, instead of an adult.  This can be soothing for some kids and can help ease social anxiety when they want to make friends and talk to other kids their age in school.

Instructional Videos

Many companies that offer educational and instructional videos for kids have to hire child actors to help play out the scenes.  These videos can be anything from self-defense to how to do a cartwheel.  Instructional videos with kids in them let the kids see someone else their age completing tasks and able to do whatever’s being taught, and that makes it easier on the learning child.  

Child Actors Are Fantastic Professionals

Whether you’re hiring for a local commercial or you need a child actress for an international television show: it’s important that you hire carefully and are respectful of their needs and the laws.  These children may be professionals: but they’re still children.

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