• May 21, 2024

What’s the difference between front-end and back-end?

Nowadays a lot of companies needs not only well-functioning websites, but also various software, that enables them to work. More and more advanced technologies are forcing them to reach out to the companies that specializes in IT solutions. Those complicated software are very advanced and built based on different programming languages. It is worth knowing that every website has two layers. The one visible to the user is the front-end, and the background where all processes happen is called back-end. What is the difference between them?

Two different functions

As already mentioned, websites and apps that are being created nowadays are very complex systems. It is a challenge for a web developers agency, because you have to make site, that on one hand will be very user-friendly through its simple and usable design, but at the same time, very complex operations have to happen in the background.

Especially when you are running an e-commerce that requires personal information, which must be properly secured at all costs.

Why is the front-end important?

Front-end is the layer responsible for displaying the content visible to the user. This means that it has to be very intuitive, easy to use and good looking. If any of those elements is not done correctly, it may turn out that people won’t be eager to use the site because it will be difficult to navigate. For this reason, when creating the front-end, it is very important to cooperate with the application testers, who can catch any errors and share their experience to improve the user experience.

Is back-end the heart of a web application?

We can certainly put forward such a thesis. What happens on the monitor screen is only a small part of modern websites’ functioning. Very often their most important functions are not visible to an ordinary user, and many people are not aware of their existence at all. For this reason, the back-end is very often the responsibility of the most experienced employees of a web developers agency, who know how to optimize all processes. This is very important because it has a great impact on the speed of the website, and when it loads too slowly, many users will abandon further use. The back-end is very difficult when creating, for example, an online store because it has to be very well secured.

To sum up, nowadays every company should be present on the Internet. This is the basis of a successful e-commerce campaign. For such reason, the best solution is to use the services of an experienced company, which is able to design and make a well-functioning website with an unusual layout. It is worth remembering that every advanced application has two layers, that must work together very well. A website prepared in such a way will be a very good showcase of a company and may effectively attract a considerable number of clients. Therefore, you should make sure that it is a high-quality product. It needs to remember about all application of all safety measures while working with personal data, especially when cyber-attacks are becoming an increasingly serious problem for all the developers.

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